LeitoStudios is a beauty salon specialized in applying eyelash extensions. Here we explained our treatments. 

Volume lashes refer to super lightweight lashes (from 0.03mm) that are fanned before being applied to individual natural lashes. This technique increases the number of lashes by as much as 700+ extensions per eye, giving you a dramatic look with unparalleled fullness.

Russian Volume uses an advanced fanning technique to bond multiple eyelash extensions together, creating a variety of 2D-8D fans. This means that, depending on your desired lash look, you can have fans apply 2-8 lash extensions to 1 of your natural lashes.

Mega volume allows us to give our customers the thickest/fullest lashes! They are much more dramatic than the Russian volume.
They are incredibly dark and dense and are the most dramatic of our eyelash extensions.
You would normally expect 10-20 extensions per fan!!